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Occasional essays relating to the history of the game, deceptively self-explanatory much like baseball.

In the midst of the cold snap your fingers instead, kick your heels!

Can you feel it? The sedge is withered from the heath and no birds sing, but the brown grass poking through the hardened snow and the cackle of crows signify something more than cantankerous weather and sore throats. Persephone is making her way back from the realm of Hades. The telltale signs of her passage can be found in the broken branches and footprints of the publishing world. Walk if you can, drive if you must, only travel to your local bookstore or news stand, there you will find proof that summer’s daughter is making her way back to the land of the living. Look to the periodicals, where the carefully tended furrows of the sports section are bearing their annual fruit, and this year’s crop of fantasy baseball guides and 2009 season prospectuses have bloomed on the racks. The harvest is almost upon us, rejoice!


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